Why Slack?

first of all, Slack is cool.

Slack brings all your team's communication together, giving everyone a shared workspace where conversations are organized and accessible.

Across your team, there's a range of things people need to communicate about. Channels in Slack give everyone a way to organize all those conversations, while making sure the right people are involved at the right time.

Make a channel for a project, a topic, a team, or anything—everyone has a place to work and a transparent view of all that's going on.

You don’t have to go to every meeting to stay informed. Slack builds a searchable archive of your team’s conversations, decisions, and work — made more useful with machine learning — putting knowledge in everyone’s hands.

Slack integrates with nearly every enterprise and productivity product available, and you can also build your own with our open API. Adding apps to Slack keeps your team coordinated and working faster,all within the context to your converstations.

Slack’s growing ecosystem of 3rd party apps helps you integrate routine workflows into your team’s channels - from task management to expense reporting or running a team survey. Connecting these tools with Slack reduces context switching, letting people take action as the conversation moves forward.

especily your team use GitHub for development.It's great tool. just like this:

someone maybe said, Wechat or skype more popular. O, it's terrible for programer communication.if you use wechat, You will never focus to job.you just want to social and talk your old friends,or show your dinner.

How to join OpenPitrix channel?

If you already use slack. welcome.

slack use "workplace" for organization, you want to join channel, you must select workplace. for example:

OpenPitrix have slack workplace - OpenPitrix workplace. and than you need enter you e-mail and setting a password. and after that you join workplace.

now you can choose which channel want to join. OpenPitrix have two channel now, one is for general talk .another one for developer—— openptirix-dev. you can choose one or both.

how to add new app?

Whatever client you use, Linux Mac or web brower. all support add app for workplace. just follow the process.

it's a lot of app. you find more for your personal or team needs.

enjoy it.

tool just tool, never replace people. So slack is just tool.it can help you.