Application Management

Platform for Multi-Cloud Environment

OpenPitrix is an open-source system to package, deploy and manage different types of applications including traditional application, microservice application and serverless applications into multiple cloud environment such as AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, QingCloud, OpenStack, VMWare etc.

Why OpenPitrix?

Nowadays cloud computing is widely adopted in enterprise organizations. Furthermore, most of enterprises have multi-cloud strategy for certain reasons. The multiple clouds are usually from different provides, resulting shadow IT becomes a reality again in cloud era. Therefore, how to manage and automate multi-cloud environment becomes an emerging requirement, especially for application management. Moreover, it is challenging to create one stop store that manages different types of applications, including traditional application (or called monolithic application), microservice application and serverless application. OpenPitrix is such a platform to solve these problems.
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Templatize Application and Deployment Framework

As like as image being template for an instance, enterprise application is also templatized on OpenPitrix. The application template is much more complicated than image in that it could contain many more images and defines the whole lifecycle of an application cluster. Moreover, it supports customized mornitoring, health check and many more features. Meanwhile, developer does not need to program for moving a traditional application into cloud which reduces development effort from months to days or even hours.

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Multiple Clouds Support

Support multiple clouds such as AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, QingCloud, OpenStack, VMWare and so on.

Cloud support is hightly extendable and pluggable.

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One Platform for all Kinds of Application

Support a variaty of application types including traditional (also known as monolithic) application, microservice application and serverless application. Application type support is extendable which means no matter what new application type emerges in the future, the platform is able to support it by adding corresponding pluggin.

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Microservice Architecture Oriented

OpenPitrix itself adopts microservice architecture. The system can be deployed into virtual machine, container orchestration system such as Kubernetes, or bare metal.

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As the picture shows

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Use Cases

  • Deployed as one-stop-shop application management platform in an organization to support multiple cloud systems including hybrid cloud.
  • Cloud management platform (CMP) can use OpenPitrix as a component to manage applications in multi-cloud environment.
  • Deployed as application management system in Kubernetes. OpenPitrix is different than Helm, OpenPitrix uses Helm under the hood though. In an organization, people usually want to categorize applications by status such as developing, testing, staging, production; or by departments of their organization, to name a few.